Omen. What’s the prognosis for pulmonary hypertension? viagra 10mg price Since many of the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension are similar to those of other heart or lung disorders, people with pulmonary hypertension are often not accurately diagnosed until the disease becomes advanced. cheap viagra online There is no cure for pulmonary hypertension. It is a progressive disorder that can be fatal, says ismael nuño, md, a cardiothoracic surgeon and chief of the cardiac surgery service at los angeles county-university of southern california medical center in los angeles. will viagra go generic usa Even so, dr. Nuño points out, “the therapy we have [for pulmonary hypertension] is evolving” and improving. With the right treatment, some people with pulmonary hypertension can live for 20 years longer than they otherwise would have. viagra for sale In other words, as nuño says, “if someone is diagnosed with ph, it’s not the end of the line for them. ” last updated: 09/23/2009 next article: breast cancer warning signs you shouldn't ignore » leave a comment to leave a comment, please log in below using your preferred network. More on hypertension hypertension basics diagnosis prevention management treatment caregiving articles in hypertension basics what is hypertension? order viagra High blood pressure: should you worry? How is blood pressure measured and what do the numbers mean? The stages of hypertension hypertension during pregnancy different types of hypertension warning signs of hypertension hypertension (high blood pressure) glossary when is low blood pressure too low? order viagra online Taking blood pressure meds at bedtime may be better sweetened drinks tied to hypertension risk more articles looking for more? real viagra without rx Back to top follow us on twitter get the latest health facts, tips, and advice. @everydayhealth related articles drug treatment for pulmonary hypertension pulmonary hypertension , primary causes, symptoms and treatment and related disorders more articles: pulmonary hypertension drugs prelu-2 ranexa dasatinib top videos watch now: how to eat to control mood swings, how to correct damage to your skin, and more editors' picks surprising remedies for hypertension the latest weapons against high blood pressure your mobile guide to health isick: how cell phones can harm your health dropping pounds with starbucks and beer one-note diet plans everyday health tv each week, everyday health delivers a message of hope and healing to those with a variety of medical conditions. Tune in and be inspi. viagra without prescription viagra coupon